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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Concerning the NOCPSC 2021 RFP

We will update the FAQs as more questions come in, so please visit the website throughout the RFP period.

General Questions

We serve multiple cities in the Collaborative, and we would like to propose different programs in different cities based upon their needs and our current operations; however, the RFP states that applicants may not submit more than one proposal.  Are we able to submit one proposal package per city?

No.  Please submit ONE application and in your proposal outline the different programs in the different cities as stated in the RFP.

Is the RFP available in a Microsoft Word Document format?

Yes.  The WORD version is available by clicking here.

Our application is for a collaborative partnership.  Should each partner complete a Community-Based Organization Information Form?

No.  There should only be ONE Community-Based Organization Information Form for the entire proposal.  For the partnership to be truly collaborative, there needs to be only one Project Director, Financial Officer, Day-to-Day Program Contact, and Day-to-Day Fiscal Contact.

If I have a question for Soo Kang, Tim Shaw, or Laura Gil-Trejo, what is the best way to reach them?

Please email all questions to  Your questions will be forwarded to the appropriate party, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Proposal Narrative

What is the best way to incorporate our Logic Model into the proposal? 

We recommend that the logic model be summarized and explained in narrative form in the Project Evaluation section of the Proposal Narrative.  The actual logic model table/graphic can be included in Attachment B as part of the Project Work Plan. 


For additional information on logic models, please see the recordings and slideshows from Applicant Workshop #3 (Impact Model and Evaluation). 


You can also email for additional assistance.

Do the responses to the Strategic Visioning questions need to be part of the 5-page Proposal Narrative?

No. The responses can be included as part of Attachment D, the Current (Collaborative) Strategic Plan.

Will a bibliography/works cited page count towards the 5-page limit for the Proposal Narrative?

No. A works cited page can be included at the end of the Proposal Narrative without it counting towards the 5-page limit.


If our proposal is only partially funded, will we be allowed to scale back the timeline and/or the services provided to match the funding amount?

Yes.  You may make the necessary adjustments (timeline or services) according to the funding awarded, as long as the timeline does NOT go beyond June 30, 2023.

Are facility rentals an eligible expense under this grant?

Yes, with restrictions.  Facility rentals to the extent that they host grant-eligible activities would be a permissible use under Budget Line Item 4 (Equipment/Fixed Assets) or 6 (Other).  (See the Collaborative Budget Table on pages 23 and 24 of the RFP.)   


However, use of facility rentals outside of the grant-eligible activities is not a permissible expense under this grant and may be found to be a supplanting violation.  (See Supplanting on page 8 of the RFP).


According to the Proposal Checklist in the RFP, our proposal submission requires Attachments A through D.  Only Attachment A is included in the RFP.  Where can I find the templates for the other three attachments?

We are NOT providing templates for those attachments.  Attachments B, C, and D are documents that the applicant is to create and attach.  Rather than restricting CBOs to a fillable form, we are encouraging CBOs to design the documents in a manner that best suits their organization/collaborative.  


The Applicant Workshop recordings and slideshows provide best practices, and you can email for additional assistance.  The most important criteria for the three attachments are effort and transparency.

Can I also include our full Logic Model as an attachment, in addition to incorporating/summarizing it in the Project Evaluation narrative section?

Yes. The actual logic model table/graphic can be included in Attachment B as part of the Project Work Plan.

Our application is for a collaborative partnership.  Do we need to submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in addition to the Collaborative Partnership Agreement? 

No.  While collaborative partnerships are welcome to create and enter into MOUs, only the Collaborative Partnership Agreement—explaining the nature and functions of the partnership—should be included in the proposal.

Can our Collaborative Partnership Agreement be titled “Operational Agreement” instead of “Partnership Agreement”?

Yes.  Please label the agreement as Attachment C.

Can you explain what a Project Work Plan (Attachment B) is?

Attachment B, the Project Work Plan, is essentially an implementation document that answers the 5 W & H questions. The Project Work Plan is meant to supplement the Proposal Narrative, which focuses more on how you developed your program.


The Project Work Plan could mostly be a condensed version of your project narrative, but you can certainly use the attachment as an opportunity to elaborate on elements of the narrative. 

  1. Who is the target audience, and who is providing these services? (Think about which of the 3 Public Safety Collaborative focus area(s) your organization is serving.)
  2. What services are your organization providing?
  3. Where are your services being aimed at? (Be specific—do not just name the city. Explain where the point of contact is—name the particular community centers, schools, homeless encampment areas, underserved neighborhoods, etc.)
  4. When are you delivering your services? (Identify your “leg in the relay”—when is the baton passed to your organization, and when do you pass it on to the next organization or society at large? Detail the point of accomplishment.)
  5. Why are you providing your service? (What should your target audience be taking away from your services?)

  6. How are you providing your service? (Describe your activities from the moment you start reaching out to your target audience to the point your client is served and no longer your target.)

Submission Instructions

Are electronic signatures for the Collaborative Partnership Agreements (Attachment C) acceptable?

Typically, no.  Original/wet signatures are required.  (See the Proposal Checklist on page 13 of the RFP). However, we understand that acquiring such signatures (i.e., printing, signing, and scanning) may be inconvenient, so we are allowing verified digital signatures (see below).






Not Acceptable

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