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Big Brothers and Sisters (Bigs with Badges)- supported by the Task Force.

Bigs with Badges: Big brothers and Big Sisters organization, OC Grip and the Safety commission brought the program to the kids at Buena Park Junior High using innovative programming and activities.


Boys and Girls Club of Buena Park- supported by the Task Force.

The vital importance of transportation for our community is the daily service to 141 members from 9 different schools to the Club for Education, Fine Arts, Athletics and Leadership Programs for out of school time supervised and structured activities.


Placentia Police Explorers Program- supported by the Task Force.

During year two of the North Orange County Public Safety Task Force, the Placentia Police Department Explorer Post grew from seven to thirteen registered Explorers. As a group, they have volunteered over 1000 hours of their time to different events held throughout the city and county. These events range from simple training sessions to large scale city events that require the coordination of hundreds of law enforcement Explorers from all over the county. As a team, a group of our Explorers competed against 60 other Explorer Posts from around the country and came back with a trophy for their efforts. As the Explorer Post grows, the responsibilities of the Explorers grow too. We have successfully promoted three Explorers to leadership positions and within these roles they assist the program advisers with day to day activities allowing further growth of the program.

OC United's THRIVE program- supported by the Task Force.

This info-graphic summarizes how the program positively impacted at-risk young adults from 2018 to May 2019.


City Net's Homeless Outreach and Intervention Impact Report - supported by the Task Force.

City Net's Homeless Outreach and Intervention Impact Report for July 2017 - April 2019.  This overview outlines what services the Task Force funds have supported in the organization.  As well as, showing the influence that those services have had on the community.

Big 7 Yearbook - supported by the Task Force.

The Big 7 Yearbook that highlights all the amazing events the various Boys and Girls club have had this past school year!

La Habra Police Department - Explorers program - supported by the Task Force.

Young ladies from the La Habra Police Explorers talking about necessity of involvement in training and why it doesn’t just teach them personal protection it also fosters leadership, preparedness law enforcement advocacy and peace of mind. Inquire with your local law enforcement if they have an Explorers Program for your teen and give them a sense of pride and social responsibility to society. Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

Boys & Girls Club of Brea-Placentia-Yorba Linda celebrated on April 27th their Placentia’s Street SMART Graduation event and Safe Passage Van Ribbon Cutting supported by the Task Force.

Celebrating the teen’s accomplishments is Chief Lenyi of Placentia Police Department an ardent supporter of the Club.  The Club is providing the confidence and support structure needed to pave a smoother road to high school graduation, higher education and/or the workforce.